Market Industry Research

Get the information you need to help you make smarter informed business decisions
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Business Start-Up Consultations

Looking to start your own venture? Let us advise you to get you off the ground correctly
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Book-keeping & Financial Statements

We provide book-keeping services making good use of  the postal service and email.
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Get Your Website Up To Date

Are you missing out on more than 70% of online traffic, because your website isn’t optimised for smartphones and tablets?

More than 70% of online traffic is now via tablets and smart-phones. If your site isn’t optimised to cater for this, you could be losing tons of clients to your competitors.  Ask our whizz-kids to help you today.

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Let’s Get Social…


With a team of whizz-kids, marketers, geeks and corporate consultants, you can have your campaign catered for perfectly.


We can provide daily, weekly or monthly services making good use of both the postal service, electronic and couriers.


We know for many business owners, the process of securing a loan is one fraught with worry and confusion.

Business Consultancy

Clients use 70thirty as an integral member of their industry research team, for greater results and a more thorough, accurate and cost-effective solution.

Forging Alliances

We’ll stand alone side you while you begin to establish new partnerships and joint ventures taking your products and services nationwide if not globally.

Bespoke Business Plans

Your business plan is the big screen, we’ll help you capture  your idea, the opportunity,  your aims, and the strategy you will pursue to achieve your ambitions.

CCTV Security

CCTV has become a necessity both at workplace and home. It allows you to keep an eye on your business or home twenty four hours a day from anywhere in the world.